Best Hair Straighteners of 2020

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You would think defining the best quality hair strainer is something that’s easy to do a local store. Reading a few reviews, picking out a product that’s going to suit your budget and making sure that you can easily use the product are all items that you may be considering. What you might find out after doing a bit of research however is that not all hair straighteners are created equal. The best hair straighteners and curlers are produced using a superior quality materials and this can often lead to straighter hair as well as longer-lasting results. Understanding the difference between ceramic and titanium plates as well as what the best radar for curls or damaged hair may be can all help to influence your decisions.

With even more confusing is hair straighteners that come with many different brushes and heat settings. Understanding the nature of these attachments and how you can use these heat settings to your advantage can be important. No professional level salon straighter would come with just one simple setting and the technology that’s behind a hair straighter can give you a distinct advantage in the market. It’s been a long time since you’ve upgraded your hair straighter, it could be an extremely wise idea for you to consider trying out some new straightening materials for some top advantages.

Regardless of the straightening iron or flat brush that you are going to pick, it can be tough to go wrong with the latest products that are on the market. Almost anything will straighten your hair temporarily, but the best hair straighteners art products that will leave you with a lasting look throughout the entire day. Having an experience that’s properly customize to your needs might seem like you have to go through and review every single model, but the process of finding a quality straight iron might be as simple as having a list of some of the top products that are available now.

Further on in this article we examine some of the best hair straighteners that are available on the market today. We want to make sure that we could objectively choose the finest straighteners for the value that they could bring in your day-to-day experience.

Before we get into reviews on some of the top air straighteners it’s important that we examine more into what makes a hair straightener great.


Titanium vs ceramic

Depending on your hair type you could be recommended to use a ceramic straightener or a titanium straightener. Titanium straighteners are designed if you have coarse hair whereas a ceramic straightener is perfect to easily strengthen your hair if it is fine. Titanium plates will often heat up faster and they can usually reach a higher temperature than any ceramic plate. This means that if you regularly struggle with curly, coyly or extremely coarse hair, you can benefit from using higher temperatures to quickly straighten and manage these curls.

Using a ceramic flat iron which can sometimes use tourmaline plates, you can enjoy a much better distributed heat that can take a longer amount of time to heat up. The benefit to using this better distributed heat is that you can enjoy more consistent results if you have finer hair.

What straighteners will you find in a typical salon?

Most hairstylists choose titanium straighteners with multiple heating options. The main reason for choosing this type is because it’s more versatile for different types of hair. A titanium straightener can work to quickly heat up and offer a more convenient service in a salon as well.

When you are using any type of straightener and at a salon you may notice that the salon expert is going to keep the heat low at a safe temperature and spray down your hair with some type of protectant. A heat protectant spray can help to protect your hair from any type of the best hair straighteners are curling irons. Keeping the heat low in using one of these sprays will make sure that your hair is not damaged by consistent straightening. If you find that you regularly have to strengthen your hair each day, this can help to protect your hair especially if it is fine. The spray will make sure that you can prevent the chance that you will regularly experience breakages and split ends as a result of your ongoing straightening habits.


Tips for choosing the best care straightener

Before we get to some of the best care straighteners that are available for this year, it is important to consider your investment in a hair straightener. A good quality hair straightener will often last for years and it can protect your hair from a variety of unnecessary damage. It’s often worth spending a little bit of extra time and making sure that you get an appliance that meets all your needs. Here are some of the guiding tips that can make sure you get extra value out of your hair straightener:


The shape of your flat iron

The edges of hair tools can often affect the versatility, the size of the plates and the outer edges of the iron which are slightly rounded could make it easier for you to transition your straightener into a curling iron. A flatiron that only has sharp edges will never be as adaptable and you wont be able to count it as the best hair straightener and curler.


Plate width

Choosing a strainer with a wider plate ensures that you’ll be able to straighten your hair much more quickly. If you’re going to be only straightening your hair with the device at home, choosing these wider plates will make for a more efficient job. Narrower plates could be a much better idea if you are going to be traveling with the device. If you have fine hair, white plates can also damage more of the hair shaft so it can be extremely important that you use a protectant spray.


Plates with Tourmaline

Many ceramic plates and hair straighter plates will be coated with Tourmaline. This can be an excellent option if you have damaged hair. These plates are called ionic plates because they produce negative ions that can reduce frizz and static. If you notice that your hair regularly gets static or you’ve had problems with damaged hair in the past, this can be a huge boost to own in a straightener.


Think about temperature settings

Having temperature settings available will make sure that you can heat up your device based on your preferences. Consider an iron that has adjustable heat settings so that you can get the results that you want. A low cost iron will often heat up on even the and this can lead to uneven texture in the hair.

If you are wondering more about some of the best options that are available in here Streeters today, consider these top options:


ghd Original Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners

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ghd Original Styler Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners

ghd has produced an original round barrel straightener that is designed for creating curls. There are options with this device that can opt for creating flicks, waves, and even straight hair when required. The straightener comes with a ceramic heater that is designed to produce a professional finish. An added safety mode of the automatic sleep mode will turn the heaters off if the product is left unattended for 30 min.. The performance of this device and the straightener itself are delivered with a two year manufacturer’s warranty.

The versatile design offers some of the best solutions for someone that’s looking for a straighter that has the perfect size plate and a number of transition options to suit the look of every hair type. The ceramic key technology on board also delivers a staggering 185° optimal styling temperature, this is a temperature that is known for optimal styling without any type of hair damage or breakage.

The overall goal of ghd has been to produce a superior quality iron that’s long-lasting. A two-year warranty for this product is modest and many people on these straighteners over decades. This is a product that can stand up even throughout traveling with plates that measure 9 cm long and 2 cm across for easy packing solutions.

Universal voltage options in this ceramic strainer also ensure is that you can get the optimum performance while you are traveling. Other types of straighteners may not have this included and this could lead to improper results when you are using different types of power inputs.


  • Excellent shape for all types of hair
  • High quality ceramic plates
  • Universal voltage


  • Some people have had problem with plate contact after travelling
  • Plenty of new models come out from this company with new improvements regularly


Remington Shine Therapy Advanced Ceramic Hair Straighteners with Morrocan Argan Oil for Improved Shine – S8500

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Remington Shine Therapy Advanced Ceramic Hair Straighteners with Morrocan Argan Oil for Improved Shine – S8500

The latest from the Remington therapy collection includes arranger straighteners that can help you to create a wide range of styles. If you’re interested in tackling frizz head on and you’d like to get access to a more intense shine from your hair, these are some excellent tools that you can use. The latest Remington Styler’s have advanced ceramic plates which are also infused with micro conditioners. Your hair can be styled to perfection but also improved for shine and health.

If you’re interested in getting glossy and sleek looking hair, these straighteners have been proven to give hair up to 86% more shine. The advanced ceramic plates heat up quickly and then naturally infused with a Moroccan argon oil. This natural ingredients is regularly used in vitamin E conditioners and moisturizers. When the product is heated up the small micro conditioners will evenly amid through the plates and then into your hair. Rather than having to spray down your hair with a protected, you can get access to this protected property naturally in your hair.

With the nine smooth temperature settings on the device, you can choose a seat setting that will be designed to match your hair type. If there’s hair that’s often damaged on a lower temperature, or you have hair that regularly needs a boost, you can download temperature up to produce extremely smooth results. The floating plates will never catch hair and they heat up extremely quickly in just 15 seconds. This could be the perfect strainer that you could use if you need to get results fast or if you are regularly getting ready in a hurry.


  • New plate design infuses hair with oil
  • Anti slip plates don’t catch hair
  • Fast heat up time


  • Auto shutoff can take 60 min


Remington Hair straightener from Remington Keratin Protect – Channel Gold brown

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Remington Hair straightener from Remington Keratin Protect - Channel Gold brown

The newest Remington hair strainer with keratin and protect comes in a beautiful gold and is boosted with carrots and protect technology that can beautifully strengthen your hair. With a reasonable plate size that can assist with curling, waves or full straightening, this is a product that comes with an automatic switch off, blocking plates for easy storage, ceramic coatings and quick heating. The universal voltage controls also ensure that you can enjoy this product wherever you are in the world.

Remington hair straighteners in the Remington Keratin protect style are designed for extremely easy travel. The plate sizes are perfect for fast heating and for quickly packing them up when required. The device beautifully strengthens and heats with up to nine temperature settings. The side controls ensure that you can quickly turn it on and heat up to the lowest setting of 150°C, the device can then heat up to 230°C within just a few seconds.

The design of this product gives you access to more control so that you can style in a wide range of formats. Karatin protect also co-terror to ensure that you can keep your style at its best. The coding ensures that you will not grab or rip at hair and cause damages.

The product is also extremely reasonable when compared to some of the other professional level Salon offergins. If you have been looking for a straightener that you can use that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg and that will offer you excellent styling, this could be a great option for you.


  • Affordable
  • Designed with smooth coatings to prevent damage to hair


  • Can run into problems with the electronics after some time, it’s not a rugged device.

ghd V® max professional styler

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ghd V® max professional styler

The gold Stylez from ghd comes with a new dual zone technology. The product includes two new generation heat sensors instead of the traditional one. This ensures that users can control the optimum heat throughout the entire experience. Having these heating options ensures that the hair follicle can heat properly from root to tip. These sensors can lead to healthier hair as well as a better quality straightening option.

The optimum styling process is improved with a consistent heating temperature of 185°C. This is a temperature that has been determined by ghd testing that will properly straightening hair without damaging it. Any cooler and the results are not permanent and any warmer and hair could be damaged.

The smoothing contoured floating plates can improve the glide for hair. What makes this one of the best care straighteners on the market is its ability to offer optimum styling with extremely smooth results. The contoured floating plates will guide through the hair and this means frizz free styling solution.

The impressive 25 second heat up time ensures that this is a product that will deliver amazing results. This ghd strainer is designed to be a proven professional style or. You could transform your look every day and the universal voltage on this product ensures that you can get creative even when you are traveling. The automatic sleep mode will shut down the device after 30 min. and help to prevent any issues when it is in use.

If you value snag free styling, this could be a great option for you.


  • Snag free plates to keep hair healthy
  • Fast heating time
  • Baked by warranty


  • Can be an investment over the entry level ghd models


KIPOZI Pro Hair Straighteners UK 230 Digital LCD Titanium Anti Frizz Hair Dual Voltage Auto Off,Golden

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KIPOZI Pro Hair Straighteners UK 230 Digital LCD Titanium Anti Frizz Hair Dual Voltage Auto Off,Golden

Kipozi is a relatively new brand that’s producing some extremely beautiful straighteners. The superior temperature control on this iron as well as the titanium plates can make sure that you can face almost any challenge with frizz. The company has taken a series of salon level components and placed them in an easy-to-use home straightener with plenty of versatility.

What puts this among some of the best air straighteners on the market is its ability to glide through air easily as well as have temperature settings that can protect fragile hair. Temperatures range between 80° up to 230°. Adjustable temperature can ensure that you can heat your hair based on the weighted behaving from day-to-day.

The flat iron also comes with the universal voltage from 100 to 240 V. This means that you can easily travel with this hair straightener wherever you are in the world and have confidence knowing that it’s going to work.

Plate widths are one-inch wide so that you can enjoy a consistent level of curling, straighting and more. Whether you want to create waves or have perfectly straight hair, this is a device that can provide you with perfect results.

The device also comes with a negative ion generator which can add smoothness, moisture and brilliance to the hair. These negative ion generators are common to be found on many professional level salon strainers. Usually they’re available only from extremely expensive straighteners and this is one of the most affordable ways to access this feature.

The LED screen also ensures that you can have complete customization over your hair. The readout means easy temperature adjustments and simple shutoff features when required.


  • Negative ion generator
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Universal voltage
  • Auto shutoff
  • Affordable


  • Smaller plates can make straining less efficient for those that just want a straightener only.

If you are seeking some of the top hair straighteners on the market today, any of these top options will suit you well. Just make sure to find the ideal value between the features that each straightener can deliver.